Four policemen arrested in Pasay over kidnappings of Malaysian and foreign tourists

Philippine News Agency reported that four Filipino police officers suspected of being members of an international kidnapping ring were arrested in Pasay City for abducting four foreigners, including a Malaysian.

Interior and Local Government Department Secretary Benjamin Abalos Jr and Philippine National Police Chief General Rommel Francsico Marbil introduced the suspects, Major Christel Vilnueva and Staff Sergeant Ralph Tumanguil and Master Sergeant Ricky Tabora and senior Master Sergeant Angelito David, in a press briefing held at Camp Crame, on Wednesday, June 5.

Villanueva, Tumanguil and Tabora were assigned to Pasay City Police Station. Tabora David was assigned to National Capital Region Police Office and Makati City Police Station.

The victims, three Chinese and one Malaysian, were reportedly abducted on a sports utility vehicle on Taft Avenue near Pasay City around 12.30am June 2.

Two police officers on a PNP motorbike and a group armed men in a white van flagged down the victims’ vehicle, PNA reported.

Two victims were forced in the van, while the two others resisted. They were able escape.

The barangay officials reported the incident to local police.

Abalos stated that the two Chinese nationals abducted were released on 3 June after paying a USD42,635 ransom.

The suspects were identified and arrested on June 3 after a backtracking the CCTV footage of the incident.

PNA cited Abalos as saying that 10 civilian suspects, and two other alleged masterminds, are still on the loose.

“This is a gang (because, you see), more than two or even three people who have grouped together for an illegal common purpose. “This is how our investigation is continuing,” he said.

Abalos also became indignant over the illegal use of police resources.

This incident represents a grave breach of public confidence and the core values of police. He said that the PNP would not tolerate misconduct in its ranks.

Marbil vowed to take a harsh stance towards those who had tarnished the PNP’s reputation.

“We do not like it when policemen engage in illegal activities. “This is a life sentence and should serve as an stern warning to us that we won’t be forgiving,” said he.

The suspects were arrested at the Pasay City Police Station on Tuesday (4 June) and charged with kidnapping and ransom as well as car theft by the Pasay City Prosecutor’s Office.

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