Generated AI: Is it a threat to human creativity or is it a tool for its development?

Creativity has become a hot-button topic since the rise of generative artificial intelligent. Others are excited by the idea of machines creating art. Some fear that the technology could simplify the creative process. US researchers examined the pros and cons of AI on the future creatives – children – to weigh the pros.

Researchers from Washington University and Michigan University conducted an experiment with a dozen children ranging in age from seven to thirteen. Over a period of four months, they engaged them in several 90 minute sessions on creativity. These workshops were accompanied by adults who helped the children to use AI tools like Chat-GPT or Dall-E. These programs were used to create a storybook, for example.

Children have difficulty with artificial intelligence. This was noted by the authors of this study, whose findings they presented in Honolulu, Hawaii, at the ACM CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems. The children had high expectations for the AI programs and found it difficult to express their ideas.

There’s a mismatch in what children expect (generative artificial intelligence systems) to be able do, and what they actually can do. This technology is usually designed with adults in the mind.

“Similarly, children’s languages are not the same as those of adults.” This can be a problem for children who are trying to express themselves creatively.

Children may find it difficult to overcome their artistic limitations by using artificial intelligence, but they do not feel threatened by technology. They are even critical of its creative uses.

A boy aged 11 told researchers he’d be disappointed to learn that his favorite book series was written by AI. He said that it would “dismantle his love of reading”.

This research challenges the notion that artificial intelligence can replace creativity. This technology promotes creativity as it allows anyone to develop their artistic flair. You still have to learn how to use this technology.

Each AI tool is different: you wouldn’t speak to ChatGPT the same way that you would to Dall E. It isn’t something that people are born with. The art of AI is not in technical ability, but in how you interact with technology. AFP Relaxnews

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