Georgia is moving quickly to pass a bill that restricts LGBT rights

TBILISI, Georgia – Georgia’s Parliament will soon begin debating a broad-based “family values bill” that includes bans on “LGBT propaganda” and gender reassignment surgeries. The speaker of the parliament was quoted on Tuesday as saying.

Shalva Papuashvili was quoted by Interpress as saying that the first of three readings required of the bill will take place during the current spring session.

In March, the ruling Georgian Dream Party announced this bill. It was condemned by LGBT activists and human right groups.

It will be debated at a time of high tensions in the South Caucasus after massive protests for weeks against a law on “foreign agent” which was signed into law last week.

After criticizing the Russian-inspired foreign agent law, which they deemed repressive and oppressive, these proposed measures will likely fuel European Union and U.S. concern about Georgia’s future political direction.

Interpress reported that Papuashvili said the bill would prohibit non-heterosexuals from adopting children, and people from changing gender on ID documents. The bill would also ban public gatherings that promote same-sex relationships.

The bill would prohibit “LGBT propaganda” from being taught in schools and broadcasters from showing intimate images of same-sex relationships.

Georgia, a predominantly Orthodox Christian country, is socially conservative. Polls show that a majority of its population does not approve of same-sex marriages.

Georgian Dream has been accused by the opposition of trying to divert voters’ attention from economic issues in order to gain support for its anti-LGBT agenda.

The ruling party claims that the bill is needed to protect against “pseudoliberal” values which undermine traditional family relations.

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