German police raid hundreds of properties to investigate a ‘Reichsbuerger coup plot’

BERLIN, Germany – Over 700 police officers searched properties in German states Tuesday that were associated with two suspects from the “Reichsbuerger”, a far-right group which plotted the overthrow of the government.

The search warrants were executed against a man aged 73 and a woman aged 63, both of whom resided in Baden-Wuerttemberg, a state located in southwest Germany.

The prosecution said that they suspect them of providing facilities for the group around German aristocrat, property investor and Heinrich XIII Prinz Reuss to recruit new members.

Spiegel, the first news magazine to break the story on Tuesday, reported that investigators were looking for possible weapon depots, as the suspect, 73, possessed an impressive number of guns.

Spiegel said that no arrests had been made during the search.

Reuss was on trial last week, and along with eight other defendants, he denied the charges of terrorism as well as high treason.

The 27 defendants are accused of conspiring in an alleged plot that was foiled by the authorities at the end 2022. They make up one of the biggest legal proceedings in German History.

The “Reichsbuergers” (Citizens of the Reich), believe that the German democracy of today is an untrue facade. They maintain that they are still citizens of the monarchy that lasted after Germany’s defeat during World War One despite the formal abolition.

Prosecutors say the group intended to install Reuss as caretaker leader of state. Reuss is a descendant of a now throneless family.

The massive police operation started on Tuesday morning. It involved over 700 officers, including special forces and explosive ordnance disposal services from different states.

Prosecutors said that police were searching seven properties and three parcels of land in the states of Saxony Baden-Wuerttemberg, and Schleswig-Holstein.

Spiegel reported that the properties targeted include bunkers as well as a former training area for military personnel.

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