Group urges urgent habitat study to address human-wildlife conflicts

GUA MUSANG: The Ecological Association of Malaysia says that a study on wildlife habitats is urgently needed to resolve the animal-human conflict in Kelantan.

The elephants, according to the president of the university, often cause damage to agricultural areas like plantations and farms.

He said that the parties concerned should pay particular attention to animal habitats in order to allow foraging, breeding and other activities to take place without incidents of conflict with human beings.

“Incidents with wild animals and people continue. These include road accidents, crop damage and property damage, death or injury to humans, and others.

“Areas that have special needs, such as saltlicks for wildlife, need special attention.” “If (not )…, then this problem will not be solved and will continue to exist,” he stated in an interview.

He said that it was important to work together with wildlife protection agencies and development agencies in order to find more effective solutions.

When the area becomes smaller, not only are the paths of the wild animals blocked, but also the food and habitats suitable for them decrease. This leads to an increase in conflict.

He said: “I’d like to suggest using satellite technology to find elephants in order to reduce the number of conflicts between humans and elephants in this district.”

The state Wildlife and National Parks Department, (Perhilitan), had previously installed LED lights in areas identified as possible entry points for wild elephants to human settlements and had put up electrified fencing around areas where local residents reported animal intrusion.

A Bangladeshi man died after being trampled on by a Wild Elephant in Kampung Om Estate in Pos Blau, on May 12. Meanwhile, a Myanmar woman suffered injuries from a Wild Elephant in Ladang Aring 8 in May 8.

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