Gunmen ambush Mexican mayor and bodyguard

COTIJA (Reuters) – The mayor of a town in western Mexico was killed by gunmen shortly after the election of the first female president. This was the bloodiest presidential campaign ever held in Mexico.

Local press reported that Yolanda Sánchez, mayor of Cotija, in the state Michoacan, since 2021 was shot 19 times at the center of the town.

Both she and her bodyguard, who was also wounded, died of their injuries in a hospital on Monday. The incident is still being investigated.

In a statement issued on Wednesday, Michoacan Attorney General Adrian Lopez Solis said that “a series of threats have been made against the staff of the municipality… demanding the mayor to prevent or avoid federal forces carrying out [security] duties.”

The state attorney general said that the mayor could not meet such demands, and added that there were disputes between criminal groups for control of territory around Cotija.

Sanchez was kidnapped in 2023 by the Jalisco New Generation Cartel, a criminal organization from the state of Jalisco.

39 political candidates have been assassinated during the Mexican general election campaign that ended on Sunday.

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