Human Resources Ministry completes 50 sets of Hybrid Assistive Leg robotic suits

PETALING JAYA – The Human Resources Ministry finalised a contract for the rental of 50 sets Hybrid Assistive Limbs (HAL) robotic suit through the Social Security Organisation.

The addition of 50 HAL Sets, valued at RM20.5mil, (USD4.357mil), compared to the current market price of RM24.8mil, (USD5.26mil), is going to be used at the National Neuro Robotics and Cybernetics Rehabilitation Center, Meru, Ipoh which will open in the near future, said Human Resources Minister Steven Chee Keong.

The collaboration with Cyberdyne Inc. also has added value as Malaysia will be receiving eight new technologies through Socso that have not been used by any other country.

The eight new technologies have a significant impact on the inclusion of Malaysian social security protection, as well as improving local worker efficiency and expertise.

He said that in addition to the reduction of the rental costs for five years, the Human Resources Ministry had also signed a collaboration with Socso Inc., Cyberdyne Inc. and the University of Tsukuba, to enhance human resource development skills and robotics.

The Ministry also secured a 20% discount on the current market price for the rental of Hybrid Assistive Leg (HAL), robotic suits, during their first visit to Japan between May 22 and 28.

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