Hunter Biden’s ex-wife will testify at trial about drug abuse

WILMINGTON (Delaware) (Reuters) – The ex-wife Hunter Biden, son of U.S. president Joe Biden, is expected to testify about his drug use on Wednesday. Prosecutors claim that he lied to buy a firearm illegally.

The prosecution told the jury in the first historic trial of a child of a U.S. President that there will be evidence to show that Hunter Biden intentionally lied on his screening paperwork about his drug use when he bought a revolver back in October 2018.

The jury was shown clips from the audiobook version Hunter Biden’s memoir, as well as text messages and bank records, which prosecutors claim prove that Biden used crack regularly around the time of his purchase of the gun. This included the day following the purchase.

“Addiction” is not a criminal offense. “Lying is a crime,” said prosecutor Derek Hines.

Hunter Biden’s defense attorney has argued that Hunter Biden did not use drugs at the time, and that he had no intention to deceive. He asked an FBI agent if the evidence presented by prosecutors of addiction was before or after gun ownership.

Hunter Biden, 54 years old, has pleaded guilty to three felony counts accusing him of not disclosing his drug use when he purchased the gun, and illegally possessing it for 11 days.

This trial follows another historical first, Donald Trump’s conviction last week as the first U.S. President to be found guilty. Trump is the Republican candidate to Joe Biden (a Democrat) in the November 5th election.

Hines informed the jury that they would hear next from Hunter Biden’s ex-wife Kathleen Buhle as well as Zoe Kestan (his former girlfriend) and Hallie Biden (the widow of his brother Beau Biden). Hines said that all three witnesses can shed light on Hunter Biden’s long-term struggle with alcohol and drugs.

Abbe Lowell, Hunter Biden’s lawyer, elicited testimony on Wednesday from an FBI agent that the messages regarding drug use were either sent before a return to Delaware following a drug rehab stint in California or months after the weapon was stolen.

Erika Jensen was the FBI agent called by the prosecution Tuesday. She acknowledged that Hunter Biden did not use drug-related terms such as “party favour” or images of drug paraphernalia in his messages after returning to Delaware from California.

Lowell tried to show, too, that, while Hunter Biden made large cash withdrawals which prosecutors claimed was evidence of drug purchase, he also supported a “sober friend” whose weekly treatment cost thousands of dollar.

Trump will be sentenced by a New York state court jury on Thursday, July 11, after a trial found him guilty of 34 counts of falsifying records to hide hush-money paid to a pornstar to avoid a scandal.

He has also pleaded not-guilty in three other criminal cases. Two of them are related to his attempts to reverse his loss in the 2020 presidential election to Biden, and one is accusing him unlawfully holding classified national security documents when he leaves office in 2021.

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