IAEA Board adopts resolution on Iran’s cooperation with inspectors

VIENNA (Reuters) – The U.N. Nuclear Watchdog’s Board of Governors, which consists of 35 nations, passed a resolution Wednesday calling for Iran to increase its cooperation with the watchdog. It also called on Iran not to bar inspectors from entering Iran as it had done in recent months despite fears that Tehran might respond by escalating atomic warfare.

Diplomats reported that the resolution passed with 20 votes in favor, two against and 12 abstentions. The resolution follows the last one, which was passed 18 months ago and ordered Iran to comply with an investigation by the International Atomic Energy Agency into uranium trace found in undeclared sites.

Iran has not yet provided satisfactory answers to the IAEA on how the traces ended up at the two sites that are under investigation.

The Board has been long overdue in holding Iran to account for its legal obligations. Iran must urgently and fully cooperate with the Agency,” Britain France and Germany stated in a joint statement they made to the Board regarding the resolution that they proposed.

The list of issues that the IAEA has with Iran has increased since the previous resolution, and this new text calls on Iran to resolve several of these issues.

In September, Iran banned many of the IAEA’s top enrichment specialists from the inspection team. IAEA Chief Rafael Grossi described this as “disproportionate and unprecedented”, and “a very serious blow” for the agency’s capability to perform its work properly.

The resolution stated that “(The Board), calls on Iran (to reverse its withdrawal of its designation of several experienced Agency Inspectors which is crucial to fully enable the Agency to conduct their verification activities in Iran effectively.”

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