Immigration Depart breaks up ‘Geng broga’ syndicates in Selangor

PUTRAJAYA – The Immigration Department of Malaysia busted an illegal trafficking syndicate called ‘Geng Broga,’ believed to be involved with Indonesians during a raid in Sungai Besar, Selangor on Thursday (6th June).

In a Friday (7 June) statement, Immigration Department Director-General Datuk Ruslin Jusoh stated that an enforcement team from Immigration Headquarters in Putrajaya had found 12 Indonesians in the course of the operation which began at 8.05pm.

A team was formed to conduct the operation based on the information gathered from the public, and the surveillance conducted by the department. The team came across three suspicious vehicles being driven by three suspects.

The team was able to stop the three drivers from speeding away and arrest them.

Initial investigations revealed one driver was the leader, aged 47. The other two ‘transporters,’ aged 31 to 40, were also arrested.

After initial investigation and interrogation of suspects, the officers placed themselves at a mangrove area identified in Sabak Bernam and managed to detain 8 Indonesians that had just arrived by sea from Indonesia.

He stated that the total number detained is 15, ranging in age from 5 to 52.

Ruslin stated that three vehicles, five Indonesian passports and RM6,200 were seized.

He said that the method of operation for the syndicate involved using fishing boats to smuggle Indonesians between Tanjung Balai, Indonesia, and Sungai Besar in Selangor. Then, they were transferred into smaller boats and brought to land.

The leader of the syndicate is responsible for all arrangements. Charges range between RM1,500 and RM2,500, depending on the gender. He said that the syndicate has been in operation for about a year.

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