Immigration Department boosts KLIA autogate services

Director – General Datuk Jusoh said that the Immigration Department would enhance autogate services at Malaysia’s main entry points, which includes Kuala Lumpur International Airport.

He stated on Sunday (16 June) that his department would streamline its work processes to improve the quality of service.

He stated that “this department, in conjunction with the Home Ministry aims to increase the number of autogates to accommodate the increasing number foreign visitors.”

Ruslin said that immigration officers at entry points will receive ongoing training in order to deal with the surge of foreign tourists and reminded them of the established standard procedure.

The Department is committed to providing the best possible service. It is also open to suggestions to improve the flow of people at the major entry points in the country.

He explained, “This shows that we are committed to assisting the national economic growth and providing Malaysians with adequate facilities.”

Autogates are now available to foreign travellers. The government decided to make them available to all 63 countries in order to deal with the surge of arrivals following the Covid-19 epidemic.

Ruslin said that over 13,000,000 visitors have entered Malaysia for different reasons, which highlights the need for a quick and secure processing system.

He praised autogate for its efficiency. Processing time is reduced to just 10 to 15 second compared to a 30-minute wait when using manual counters.

This system has helped to reduce congestion in the KLIA arrival hall by processing 85% arrivals within just 25 minutes.

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