In the first three days, over 9,000 traffic summonses were issued by KL

KUALA LUMPUR – In the first three days, a total of 9,247 summonses for traffic violations were issued at various locations in this city as part of the Respect Traffic Laws (Hormat Undang – Undang Jalanraya or Ops HUU).

Asst Comm. Sarifudin M. Mohd. Salleh, the chief of Kuala Lumpur Traffic Investigation and Enforcement Department said that the operation began on Tuesday (4th June) and will last until 15th June.

In a Friday (7th June) statement, he stated that “for the first three (until last Thursday, 6th June), we issued 9 247 summonses for different traffic offences.”

Most common offenses were traffic obstruction (7,123 summonses), stopping on a pedestrian path (699), driving without a license (236), having an expired road tax (155), using illegal number plates (101) and stopping in a yellow box (20).

Other offenses included driving while using a mobile phone (63), having no vehicle insurance (3), not wearing a helmet (39), having fewer number plates (16), not having side mirrors (81) and not displaying ‘P’ stickers (42).

ACP Sarifudin stated that the operation involved 111 senior department officers and 1,401 employees.

We are also assisted by other enforcement officers from Kuala Lumpur City Hall DBKL and the Road Transport Department JPJ.

He said that so far they had detained 24 people and confiscated a motorcycle, lorry and other vehicles.

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