Instagram tests unskippable ads

Instagram confirmed it will now test out ads that cannot be skipped on its platform after reports from users of “ad breaks”.

A Meta spokesperson said that the platform “is always testing formats which can bring value to advertisers” in a report by the online publication TechCrunch.

We will update you if this test results in any product changes.

The Meta spokesperson has not confirmed where the ad breaks are intended to appear within the app. Users report that they are found in the Reels section, which prevents them from moving on to the next video until the ad has finished playing.

The ads on YouTube are similar. Instagram’s ad breaks, like those on YouTube, can include midroll advertisements that play in the middle videos.

The test will display a message that says: “You are viewing an adbreak.” Instagram’s ad breaks are a brand new way to see ads. You may have to watch an ad in order to continue browsing.

It is not clear if the tests will be rolled out worldwide or just on certain markets.

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