JKR says that there is an overflow of water on the Cameron Highlands Road due to clogged sewage.

The Cameron Highlands Public Works Department says that clogged sewage pipes are causing water to overflow onto the road near Kampungraja in the Cameron Highlands.

The sewers are clogged and have been since April 3. Water has spilled onto the roads.

“Cleaning work has begun. It said that we would also remove the rocks and rubbish from the road, post signs, manage traffic, and cordon off the area. We would also repair any damage to the sidewalk and road.

“As a short-term measure, the irrigation system will be diverted into the drains on the roadside.” JKR added that a small sewer would be constructed near the farms.

JKR said that it will continue to clean up the area, if the weather permits.

The report added that “we will also clean both the inlet sewer and outlet sewer using horizontal direction drilling, and we will use a compressor break method to open the sewer. We will also construct a bund which will direct the river water flow to nearby drains.”

Social media has been flooded with a viral video of water running down a street.

JKR warns motorists, particularly during heavy rain, to use the road with caution.

It said that road users should also adhere to the road signage at the locations and the instructions that are issued periodically to avoid untoward accidents.

A. Dilip Martin, president of Regional Environmental Awareness Cameron Highlands REACH, warns about the possibility of a landslide.

The water flowing down the road could also cause soil to slide along the side of road. He said that a landslide might occur as a result.

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