JKR says that trespassers on unfinished highway projects can expect to be prosecuted.

KUALA LUMPUR – The Public Works Department (JKR) warns that it is illegal for members of the public to trespass into the Kota Bharu – Kuala Krai Highway Project (Package 2B : Ketereh – Kok Lanas).

The department issued a statement Friday (June 14,) stating that the area had been classified as a building site, and that people were not allowed to enter it.

The existing contract for this project was terminated, and the re-tendering process is underway. The statement stated that control measures were in place after the termination. These included the installation of concrete barriers and warning signs to prevent access into and out of the construction site.

The statement was released in response to an article published on 11th June entitled ‘Uncompleted highway turns illegal circuit’. It reported that several’rempitmats’ have been used as a motorcycle race track for the last two months.

In the article, it was also stated that the highway had become a focal point for’mat-rempit’ and that several accidents have occurred. The latest of which happened on the evening of 10th June, when a 17 year-old boy lost his life after he was involved in a three motorcycle accident in Banggol Saman in Pasir Puteh. This was the first death in this area.

JKR will always make sure that the warning signs and concrete barriers at the site are in good working order.

The police have also made a report to ask for the assistance of the authorities in order to regularly patrol the area. The statement advised all parties to obey the warning signs as well as the instructions from the authorities.

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