Johor retiree scammed out of RM310,000 by Macau scam

BATU PAHAT : A retired woman lost more than RM310,000 in her savings when she was scammed by a person claiming to work as a policeman.

The victim, a 60-year-old woman, has given a report to the Batu Pahat acting OCPD.

“The victim said that she received a phone call on May 6 from a man who identified himself as a Perak police officer.

A wake up call for banks

He said that on Wednesday, June 5, “the caller informed the victim that she would be listed as one of the suspects arrested for money laundering. All her assets will be frozen.”

Supt Shahrulanuar Mushaddat said that the suspect told the victim that she should give her bank details and information, saying that this was to be investigated by the National Audit Department.

The victim said that he transferred RM66.050 in multiple transactions to two separate bank accounts on May 19,

“However, the victim found out that her savings had been depleted on Monday (3 June) when she checked her online account.

He added that the total loss suffered by victim was RM310.995.

Supt Shahrulanuar Mushaddat stated that the case is being investigated for cheating under Section 420 (Penal Code) and urged people to be cautious when they receive calls from unknown number.

He said that the public must also contact the authorities in the event they receive any dubious information.

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