Kelantan drafting new Syariah Court administration bill, says exco man

KOTA BARU – The Kelantan Government is drafting the new Syariah Court Administration Act (RUU), which will replace the Administration of the Syariah Court Enactment of 1982 (Kelantan State).

Mohd Daud Mat Daud, chairman of the State Islamic Development, Dakwah, Information and Regional Relations Committee, said that the draft amendment was also presented at the Kelantan Islamic Religious and Malay Customs Council meeting (MAIK).

He added that the meeting had also decided to create a special working committee to review the formulating of the proposed proposals.

The proposed bill is more comprehensive. The legal division of Kelantan’s state secretary office is still studying the draft bill in detail.

Mohd Asri made this statement in response to Zameri Mat Nwang (PAS Jelawat) at the state legislative assembly of Kelantan, which met today at Kompleks Kota Darulnaim.

Mohd Asri elaborated, saying that this creates space and ensures the implementation of justice for a judicial institution similar to the Civil Court in syariah-related cases.

The survey in question is about the need for four to five levels of courts, taking into consideration the implementation of other states in terms of policy or future plans by the Federal Government in order to standardise and empower Syariah Courts.

He said: “The increase will ensure that there are two avenues for appeals in syariah matters, namely the Syariah Appeal Court followed by the Syariah Main Court which is the highest court following the Syariah Appeal Court.”

In response to Dr Hafidzah (Amanah Kota Lama), regarding coordination with syariah judiciary committees at the federal and state levels, Mohd Asri stated that the state government was always in touch with the government on this issue.

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