Kelantan police on the lookout for fake ‘Datuk Seri.’

KUALA LUMPUR – The Kelantan Police are on the trail of a man believed to have a fake Datuk Seri’ title, allegedly from Kelantan royalty.

Datuk Muhamad Zaki Harun, Kelantan Police Chief, said that the 56-year old man was Mohd Abdul Ghani.

He said that a police report had been received by a man, who watched a YouTube video in which the suspect uses the title when issuing a public statement regarding the suspension of two Kelantan Boxing Association members. The statement was broadcast on a local TV station.

Investigations revealed that the suspect’s ‘Datuk Seri,’ ‘Datuk,’ and other titles are fakes. He has never received such titles.

He said this during the Kelantan Chief Townhall Program at Politeknik Jeli, Wednesday (5 June).

A second incident occurred on June 3 when police arrested a local at a house located in Jalan GentingKlang, Setapak, Kuala Lumpur, following the viral video of a Bangladeshi man receiving a title of ‘Datuk” from the Kelantan Palace.

Muhamad Zaki said that a complaint was filed on May 28, after the complainant had seen the video of the Bangladeshi receiving his title on YouTube.

The Kelantan Palace has never given him this title. However, in the YouTube video, the Bangladeshi dressed in “Baju Melayu” with a kris at his waist received it.

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