Kenya hosts Chinese language proficiency competition for high school students

NAIROBI (Xinhua), June 5 – The Kenyan finals of the 17th “Chinese-Bridge” Chinese proficiency competition was held at Kenyatta University on Wednesday. This is Kenya’s second-oldest university.

The Chinese Embassy in Kenya, Kenyatta University’s Confucius Institute and several corporate sponsors supported the competition. It focused on speeches and talent shows.

The half-day competition showcased the talents of the contestants in the areas of neoclassical dance, calligraphy, martial arts, and neoclassical Chinese music.

Waceke Wanjohi said that the contest, which was attended by high school students from across the country, confirmed the strong cultural ties between Kenya and China.

She said, “We have seen how the Chinese language has benefited our young scholars.” The Chinese language has helped to break down barriers and improved our friendship and cooperation with China.

Wanjohi stated that the ability to speak Chinese will enable Kenyan youths to work in a globally integrated environment, while also placing them in the forefront of efforts aimed at strengthening economic and cultural links with the Asian nation.

Tang Jianjun is the cultural advisor of the Chinese Embassy in Kenya. He said that Chinese, which is spoken in Kenya by over 1.7 billion people and is also one of six working languages at the United Nations has become more popular in Kenya. This has helped to cement friendships.

Tang stated that “the Kenyan and Chinese government are accelerating construction of a China-Kenya Community with a Shared Future, and Chinese Language Learning plays an irreplaceable part in building this Community.”

Miriam Wambui is a student in junior high school at a private secondary school on the outskirts Nairobi, Kenya’s capital. She won the competition “Fly High With Chinese”.

The 14-year old girl electrified her audience with an impressive dance performance. She will be representing Kenya at the finals in China later this year.

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