Kiulu: Landslide damages bridges, roads and houses

KOTA KINABALU : A villager from Kiulu district’s Kampung Ranap managed to keep his cool and get his family outside just before a massive landslide struck the area on Monday evening (June 3).

Abel George, who was interviewed on Tuesday (4 June), said that the incident caused half of the house to be damaged.

It had been raining continuously since noon. I was worried when I saw water rising because my three sons, all aged between 13 and 44, were only at home. The eldest boy, who is also called Gibol, looked after them.

Abel told me that his wife worked in a store about 400m from their home, and he was at a hardware store a few minutes away.

When the rain continued to pour, I decided at around 5.30pm to pick up my wife and go straight home.

My two younger boys, aged seven and 10, were sleeping in the lounge, enjoying the cool temperature.

He said, “My oldest son took a shower when we arrived.”

He drove to higher ground because he felt uneasy.

As he sat down on the couch to watch TV, he noticed water pouring in through the gap that existed between the floor and front door.

“I heard crackling sounds outside and warned my family to leave quickly before the landslide struck.

He said that they drove to the house of his mother nearby, but did not get anything other than their MyKads and birth certificates.

The landslide severely damaged the kitchen, the toilet and the master bedroom when he returned later.

I’ve taken off two days to clean my house. It is still flooded with earth and water. It will take some time to clean up.

“I am worried that the situation will worsen if it doesn’t stop raining.” “For now, we are staying at my mother’s home,” he said.

The landslide damaged the partially-built home of Jude Kunsiang from Kampung Mongkonihab.

The 48-year old security guard who lives alone said that he was at work in Kota Kinabalu Industrial Park during the incident.

“I only found out when my brother sent photos of the house that was damaged.” “I only went to check it after my Monday shift ended at 7.30pm,” he said.

He said that the landslide damaged the walls in one bedroom, and the access to the kitchen had been blocked.

“The water inside the house is knee-deep.” “This has never happened before and I hope it won’t happen again,” he said.

Jude told me that he just moved in to the house which was 90% finished.

“I just moved out of my mother’s home to live alone.” He said, “I guess I’ll need to go back to her house until the situation is safe.”

Datuk Joniston Bangkuai, Kiulu Assemblyman, visited the affected areas Tuesday.

He said, “I’d like to see for myself the extent of damage.”

Bangkuai has also given contributions to the affected couple.

He stated that he has instructed his office, as well as the Central Community Development Unit of the United Peoples’ Party (UPPM), to ensure the necessary assistance and appropriate actions are taken.

“I told the homeowners that they should stay with their relatives to ensure their safety. One room in a house was full of debris. He said that if the rain continues it could be a serious danger.

Two suspension bridges in Kampung Rugaman and Tombongon were also damaged by the heavy rains and landslides.

Bangkuai stated that “these bridges are vital for the villagers and children to be able to cross the river from their villages to the school on the other side,”

The mudslide and landslide also blocked access to a number of villages in the region.

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