KK police officers will patrol three zones by bicycle

KOTA KINABALU – Police on bikes will make their presence known in this area, especially in three areas that are heavily frequented both by locals as well as tourists.

Asst Comm Kasim Muda, the Kota Kinabalu Police chief said that such a move will extend police patrols to a wider area and ease public concern over their safety.

The bicycle patrols will be covering areas around Tanjung Aru and Imago Shopping Mall, Jalan Gaya Jalan Point, Likas Bay Jalan Gaya as well as many other popular locations.

The patrols will take place on Sundays, Saturdays and public holidays between 4pm and 10pm. He told reporters that this approach shows the police presence in the community, which is important to prevent crime.

He added that bicycle patrols will also increase the visibility of police in tourist and public areas, especially from Tanjung Aru up to Teluk Likas.

Kota Kinabalu District acting deputy chief of police was also present.

He suggested that the unit of bicycle patrol could be expanded to help prevent crime and make tourists and the general public feel safer.

“Tanjung aru is the leader, and we’ll assess the response of the community first.”

He added that the implementation of a bicycle patrol unit would facilitate interaction between tourists, members of the public and police in case any problems arise.

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