Klang Valley residents hope for a swift return of water supply

KUALA LUMPUR – Despite scheduled water interruptions in several areas, daily activities and business have continued as normal. Consumers are hoping that the water supply will be restored quickly.

Bernama conducted checks at various locations and found that most food vendors used disposable plates and utensils in order to conserve water. Water tanks were also provided by healthcare facilities.

Mastura Fahry (39), a rice seller, stated that the water stored was used primarily for washing and cooking.

“We have stocked up on water. We are worried that the water we have stored may not be enough, so we use this for essential purposes” said she.

Muhammad Syafiq Kamaludin (31), who is responsible for managing the facilities in a clinic, has expressed his gratitude to Air Selangor for supplying the water.

“Clinics need a large amount of water for the laboratory and to care for patients. We are grateful for the water tanks that are waiting to help us” said he.

Ramjan Bibi Ponondden 58, a housewife, was hoping that the planned water disruption could be resolved in the time frame specified.

“I’ve stored water but I think it will only last for a day. If the disruption continues, there may not be enough water” she said.

Hasrida Masriwan (39), a waffle seller, has announced that her business will be temporarily closed until the water supply is fully restored. This should happen by Friday (7th June).

“I operate my small business at home. I store water for my family. I hope that the water supply can be restored quickly so I can continue my business as normal” she said.

Air Selangor had announced earlier that water would be supplied gradually to users starting at 3am on Friday (June 6), after the maintenance and asset replacement work at the Sungai Selangor Phase 1 Treatment Plant (LRA SSP1) was completed at 7pm, Wednesday (June 5).

The restoration of water in the affected area was said to be expected to reach 20% by tomorrow at 3pm and 90% by Friday morning.

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