Kota Kinabalu is ranked as 140th in the world for environmental protection

KOTA KINABALU – The state capital of Sabah, Kota Kinabalu has been ranked as the 140th best city in the world for its environmental quality.

This ranking is according to the Oxford Economics Global Cities Index 2024. It’s based on Kota Kinabalu air quality, intensity of carbon dioxide emissions, natural disasters and temperature anomalies.

Mark Britton is the Director of Oxford Economics City Services. He explained that OEGCI 2024 was a ranking of all major cities in the world based on a variety performance metrics.

The index assesses cities in five categories: economy and human capital; quality of life; environment; and governance. “Each city receives a normalised score that is derived from the categories,” he explained.

The index was designed to give insights into the economic, social, and political dynamics of urban centres. It emphasized their role as engines of economic growth in a country, hubs for education and innovation, as well as seats of power.

Kota Kinabalu also ranks 391st out of 1,000 major cities in the world. The OEGCI 2024 contains detailed analyses and forecasts of over 8,000 cities in 164 countries. This is based on data collected by over 350 economists over a 20 year forecast period.

In its 113 page report, OEGCI 2024 ranked Kuala Lumpur (135) Georgetown (351st) and Malacca (359th) among other cities.

The report describes cities as being the driving force of the global economy.

Kota Kinabalu ranks 334th for governance. This is calculated on a national scale, not a city-level.

Kota Kinabalu ranks 386th in the world for quality of life. The score is based on Internet speed, life span, income per capita, housing costs, cultural and recreational sites, and income equity, said Britton.

Kota Kinabalu is also ranked 407th for human capital, and 693rd for economic performance.

Kota Kinabalu’s subsets are renowned for being among the most beautiful in the world.

Time Magazine has ranked Kota Kinabalu the fourth best sunset in the world for 2020.

Locals and tourists love the tranquility and unobstructed view of sunsets at Tanjung Aru Beach or the Kota Kinabalu Waterfront.

Kota Kinabalu is a popular destination for sunset lovers because of its combination of clear skies and tropical climate.

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