Kota Kinabalu mayor warns against letting intermediaries approve settlements and vows to take action in the face of illegal settlement concerns

KOTA KINABALU – Any individual found to be acting as an intermediary in the management or approval of new settlements at Kota Kinabalu City Hall will face consequences. This is according to Mayor Datuk Seri Sabin Samitah.

He stressed that the City Hall has never engaged or recognized any intermediaries.

“DBKK will take legal action and investigate any individual acting as an intermediary. “Those who come across such individuals should immediately report to us,” he said on Thursday (June 13,) in a press release.

He also warned that anyone who built structures or dwellings on public or private land without the approval of officials would face serious consequences.

He said: “Such settlements will not be recognised and evictions and demolitions will be carried out in accordance with the law.”

Sabin stated that the short circuit was responsible for a recent fire that destroyed at least 15 temporary squatter homes in an illegal settlement near Kampung Kalansanan, Inanam.

He highlighted the urgent issue of the increasing number of squatters in the city. This contributes to social problems and unorganised infrastructure, which leads to illegal wiring, water theft and other issues.

“In light this incident, DBKK firmly declares that all residents affected in the recent demolition exercises are prohibited from re-building their houses in same area.

Such structures are illegal, and they will be demolished in accordance with the 1951 Kota Kinabalu City Hall Building By-Laws. He said that those who ignore the order and rebuild their houses in this area will face severe punishment.

Sabin said that DBKK remains committed to assisting the government in monitoring and implementing squatter-management initiatives for the well-being and safety of city residents.

He said, “This is an effort that we have made together and in coordination with all the agencies.”

Those who have information about the involvement of middlemen in the management and development of new settlements should contact DBKK on 088-521800.

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