Lawyer representing Zayn’s parents withdraws their case

PETALING JAYA – The lawyer who represented the parents of the murdered autistic child Zayn Rahyan Abdul Matein has withdrawn.

Sinar Harian reported on Tuesday, June 4, that he had withdrawn his legal representation because of certain factors.

The parents of six-year old Zayn Rayyan have been remanded in custody for seven days, starting last Saturday (1 June), to help the police with their investigation.

Zayn Rayyan’s parents were arrested in Puncak alam, around 11am on May 31.

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Zayn Rayyan, who was reported missing on Dec 5, last year in Damansara Damai, was found dead near a stream 200m away from his apartment at Apartment Idaman.

The post-mortem showed injuries on his neck and body. This led to the conclusion that this man was killed.

The police’s forensic team searched the area where the body had been found, as well as surrounding areas of Damansara Damai.

Also, 228 DNA samples were collected for a mass screening.

Investigators also brought in witnesses, including those who claimed that they had last seen the boy.

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