Lawyers representing Zayn’s parents arrive in PJ court complex

PETALING JAYA – The parents of Zayn Abdul Matiin, a six-year old autistic boy who was murdered in this court have arrived.

Attorneys Fahmi Abd Moin, and Mahmud Jumaat arrived in the courthouse respectively at 11.15am et 11.20am.

Zayn’s grandfather is also seen in the courthouse.

We understand that a magistrate will likely be involved.

Fahmi told the media that he would not be able to make a statement until after the proceedings were over.

Fahmi stated, “I was informed that my client (arrived at court) around nine o’clock.”

The press is still waiting on the lawyers.

Zayn’s parents have been granted a six-day extension of their remand to help with the investigation.

The couple were initially detained for seven days starting on June 1, to help the police with their investigation of murder under Section 302 (Penal Code).

Zayn Rayyan’s parents were arrested in Puncak alam, around 11am, on Friday May 31.

Zayn Rayyan, six years old, was reported missing on December 5, last year in Damansara Damai. His body was discovered the following day near a stream at Idaman Apartment about 200m away from his home.

The post-mortem showed injuries on his neck and body. This led to the conclusion that this man was killed.

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