Liew: Sabah-MM2H will continue even without Federal approval

Datuk Christina Liew, KOTA KINABALU, said that the Sabah-Malaysia My Second Home programme (Sabah MM2H) will continue regardless of whether federal authorities give green light to it or not.

She said that Sabah-MM2H was unnecessarily interrupted after more than a years of planning and preparations, following a sudden order from the Federal Tourism, Arts and Culture Ministry, (Motac), to all licensed agents who handle MM2H application to cease their operations.

She stated that the state’s directive does not replace the Federal Government directive, but provides an alternate option as it is ready for rollout.

“We were prepared three months ago, and were supposed roll it out by June 1,” Liew added. The state authorities are hoping to receive a response from Motac regarding a review of this directive.

The Minister of Tourism, Culture and Environment in Sabah said on Friday (7 June) that “we will appoint representatives qualified from our ministry to assist the applicants in this process.”

She said that her ministry has met with the state immigration and law-enforcement agencies involved in MM2H.

She stated that Motac is responsible for the licensing of MM2H agents, as well as other related matters.

“Sabah has accepted (MM2H applicants) and they want to come here.” “All we do is help them and (going through our ministry in Sabah) is now the only way,” she said.

She said that foreigners who wish to purchase property in Sabah can do so as long as they meet certain requirements.

Motac sent a circular dated 27 May to all licensed agents who handle MM2H requests, including those from Sabah and Sarawak. The circular instructed them to cease their operations.

The following day, Liew’s Ministry wrote to Motac to inform them of its plans to launch the Sabah MM2H program.

Liew said that Motac responded on May 31 by stating no new applications are allowed for Sabah-MM2H till further notice.

On Thursday, June 6, Liew said that the state could proceed with Sabah MM2H despite Motac’s directive.

Sarawak Minister Datuk Seri Abdul Karim Rahman Hamzah expressed his disappointment at Motac’s decision, made without consulting the Bornean states.

The Minister of Tourism, Creative Industry and Performing Arts said that Sabah and Sarawak were not consulted because they have different MM2H requirements from the Peninsula.

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