Malaysia Madani National Training will prepare youth to face modern challenges, according to PM

KUALA LUMPUR – The newly launched Malaysia Madani National Training aims at equipping youth with the skills they need to face today’s challenges such as new technologies, AI and digital advances.

The Prime Minister encouraged youth to take advantage of technological advances, highlighting Malaysia’s status as a semiconductor hub.

Microsoft, Google and other leading European semiconductor companies are among the major digital, new-technology, and artificial intelligence companies that have entered Malaysia.

“Youth must therefore seize these chances.” “New challenges with an emphasis in digital, new energies, and AI demand new measures with a fresh spirit,” said he.

Anwar called upon young people to lift the nation up with confidence and unity.

He also added that the focus of the module is patriotism, and the sacrifices made by Malaysia’s forefathers.

In the module, past leaders from the Peninsula, Sabah and Sarawak are appreciated. But just because we appreciate them, doesn’t mean that we have to remain the same. He said this in his keynote address at the Malaysia Madani National Training Module launch on Wednesday (5 June).

He said that the module was based on constitutional values and praised the contributions made by past leaders and independent fighters.

He said: “I invite you to return to the path of elevating the country with confidence, unity, love of the nation and belief that the country can be elevated to a great nation before the eyes of the rest of the world.”

He highlighted the importance of policies which bolster domestic strength as well as external investment.

Anwar said, “Malaysia as a trading country requires core strength, but also external confidence and investments.”

The module, produced by the Malaysian National Academy in collaboration with its partners, focuses on understanding the history of the country and the contributions made by all races to independence.

He also referred to past sacrifices, comparing them with the current need to put the public good ahead of self-interest.

Imagine poor parents who would give up their jewelry, necklaces and bracelets to pay for leaders to fly to London to negotiate independence with the British.

He said: “Yet this spirit can sometimes fade as we become preoccupied with our own self-interest, without considering the welfare of others.”

The Prime Minister warned against the AKM becoming a cause of division, saying that it serves as a forum to inspire unity and patriotism.

Anwar stated, “In this Academy, we must remain firm. We do not want it to become a place for division or hatred by accident.”

The Madani National Training Module uses both conventional and digital methods in order to reach out to various groups, including the youth. The course consists of three elements that are essential to nation-building. It is offered in three different formats: half-days, one-days, and three-days-two-nights.

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