Malaysia supports US proposal for ceasefire in Palestine says PM

PUTRAJAYA – Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim says that Malaysia is in support of the ceasefire proposal by US President Joe Biden, which was developed with Qatar and Egypt.

The Prime Minister stated that this matter was discussed at the Cabinet meeting held on Wednesday morning (5th June) and that it is a reasonable proposal aimed at securing a ceasefire immediately and, hopefully paving the path for permanent peace and a peaceful resolution to the decades long conflict in the area.

What’s important is stopping the ongoing aggression and colonisation in Palestinian territories.

After the Putrajaya event, he said to the media, “I believe that based on our initial discussions with Hamas leaders they are more supportive of the idea of securing permanent peace.”

Anwar called on the international communities, especially the United States to be firm in their stance against Israel’s arrogance and stubbornness.

He said that violence and suffering in the region must stop for peace and stability.

The Malaysian government is worried. “This is the most firm position that the United States has taken and it should be supported by everyone,” he said.

Joe Biden, the President of the United States, recently called on Hamas, a terrorist organization, to accept an Israeli proposal that would end the conflict in Gaza. He said, “It’s time to put this war behind us.”

The three-part comprehensive proposal begins with a six week ceasefire, during which Israel Defense Forces would withdraw from Gaza’s populated areas.

This first phase is designed to create an environment that promotes peace.

Second, the second component is a significant increase in humanitarian aid for Gaza. This will ensure that vital goods and medical supplies are delivered to those in greatest need.

In this phase, both sides will exchange hostages and some Palestinian prisoners will be released as a goodwill gesture.

The proposal’s final element seeks a permanent cessation in hostilities. This will be followed by an extensive reconstruction plan for Gaza, aimed at re-building the region’s infrastructure as well as improving the living conditions of its residents.

Hamas responded positively to this proposal, which indicates a possible openness for discussions.

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