Malaysian workers on alert

Malaysians who work in Singapore have taken precautionary measures to prevent Covid-19 infections due to an increase in cases.

Many people said that they would not take any risks, despite the majority of people on both sides having been vaccinated.

P. Thineswara Rao said that he is monitoring his health in order to prevent spreading any disease to those around him.

“I’ve been working on my self-discipline in terms of health and I keep track of how I feel. When I am feeling unwell, or I have flu-like symptoms I will stay home and follow all the guidelines necessary to protect myself and others.

In an interview yesterday, he said: “These are simple things that we can do in order to prevent the spreading of diseases.”

Thineswara wears a face mask and keeps a safe distance in public.

This (increased number of cases), is a stark warning to us that we must remain vigilant and take steps to protect ourselves and other people.

“I always wear my mask, especially around other people.” “I also keep a safe distance away from colleagues who feel unwell,” said he.

Mohamad Ariffin Mohd Lawi (31), an officer in the Environment Services Department, said that he kept up to date with Covid-19 developments in both countries.

Singapore seems to be in a normal state. There have been no announcements of major importance or any new guidelines regarding Covid-19. I do not believe the increasing number of cases in Singapore and Malaysia is alarming, as most people are already vaccinated.

“At the moment, I am not making any major lifestyle changes. However, I stay informed about current events.” “I will listen to any announcements made by either government,” he said.

The Health Minister Datuk Seri Dzulkefly Ahmed said on May 19 that the Ministry was closely monitoring the Singapore situation as the number of cases in the Republic had doubled from 13,700 to 25,900 between the weeks of May 5-11, up from the previous 13700.

A total of 280 hospitalizations have been reported.

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