Mat Sabu says Malaysia needs to produce 200,000 tonnes of beef annually to meet demand.

BACHOK: Malaysia needs to produce 200,000 tonnes of beef annually in order to meet the demands of its people, according Datuk Seri Mohammed Sabu, Minister of Agriculture and Food Security.

He said that to meet demand, the government plans to produce 100,000 tons of beef by 2030.

He said that Malaysia needs to import 80 percent of its meat to satisfy the demand.

He told reporters that the production of beef cattle is below 20% in our country, which is equivalent to 47,000 tons. It is still a way off before we reach 100%,” he said after opening HL Agro Farm KB Sdn Bhd in Kampung Shri Kemunting in Gunong on Tuesday (4 June).

Mohamad stated that the government would help increase animal husbandry and production in order to reduce imports and dependence on beef from overseas in the future.

“Cooperation with state governments is important, because land such as farms in Kelantan Terengganu Pahang Johor belongs to state government. It is possible to cultivate a great deal of land.

He said that if everyone worked together, they would be able reach their target of 100% in the near term, or at least 50%, even though this is difficult.

Mohamad added that the government has also allocated RM20,000 to each farmer who is just starting out in business.

He said that his ministry had given assurances to the effect that the supply for Hari Raya Aidiladha would be adequate, and that there would be no significant rise in meat prices.

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