MCA Youth presents a memo to MACC regarding the DRT Project Investigation

PUTRAJAYA – MCA Youth submitted a memo to the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission about the Demand-Responsive Transit project (DRT) that was awarded the husband of Youth and Sports minister Hannah Yeoh.

MCA Youth stated that there are 25 other ride-hailing services licensed by the Land Public Transport Agency.

The MACC said that, “given the similarity of the DRT to ride-hailing companies, it should investigate why these 25 firms were not invited.”

Ng Sze Han, executive councillor of Selangor for investment trade and mobility said the state had only involved Asia Mobility Technologies (AMT) and Badan Bas as they were the only two companies that had been licensed by the Land Public Transport Agency to operate a “bus-on demand” service.

MCA Youth Secretary-General Saw Yee Fung stated that they were unsure as to why Ng claimed that only two companies had been licensed to bid for the project when there are actually 25 similar companies.

We hope that the MACC will conduct a transparent and open investigation of the awarding process for the DRT, including decision-making processes and approvals.

She said that the MACC could also clarify legality and risk mitigation to prevent under-the-table negotiations and cronyism.

She also asked MACC to examine laws that would regulate the awarding of government contracts to relatives of high-ranking officials.

Saw also questioned the allocation of budget for the DRT Project.

According to reports in the media, over nine months, the cost of a passenger will be RM97.50. “If such high operating costs are required, does the DRT really save money?” she asked.

Saw also added that media reports said the waiting time for DRT was excessively long.

She said: “We hope the MACC will investigate the whole process to determine if the Selangor Government has conducted a cost and feasibility analysis in order to approve this project.”

MCA Youth has taken a second step to investigate the DRT, after filing a police complaint on May 29, 2009.

The DRT, or Demand-Based Ride-Sharing Transit Service, is a ride-sharing service that improves last- and first mile connectivity in public transport.

The RM25mil Selangor Mobiliti Initiative announced in the 2023 state budget will improve the public transportation ecosystem.

Asia Mobiliti’s participation in DRT has caused public outrage. Several quarters have demanded that the Selangor Government reveal how they awarded the project to the firm.

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