Melaka cafe’s Peeping Tom caught filming women using the toilet

MELAKA: Melaka Police arrested a 27 year old peeping Tom who had filmed multiple women using the bathroom of a popular café in Lorong Hang Jebat.

Melaka Police Chief Deputy Comm Datuk Zainol Samah stated that the suspect was an Indonesian after a woman aged 24 from Selangor lodged a police complaint on June 2.

He said that the victim had caught the suspect in red-handed action when she was on the first floor toilet of the store at 4.15pm.

“The victim saw a mobile through the vent of a toilet while she was there.”

He said that on Tuesday, June 4, “She then used the bidet to spray water at the suspect who was holding the phone and ran out of the toilet.”

DCP Zainol stated that the victim told a friend of the incident, and the friend then informed the manager.

He said that the manager checked the phone of the suspect who was a cleaner at the time, and found a number of videos believed to be of other women being recorded as they used the toilet.

DCP Zainol stated that the victim was advised to file a police report.

He also said that the suspect who had been working in the store since last year tested positive for drug use.

He added that the suspect was being investigated under Section 509 (insulting modesty) of the Penal Code.

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