Melaka reported a food poisoning case involving mussels

MELAKA – The Melaka Health Department has received a report of a case of food poisoning that was allegedly caused by mussels.

Ngwe Hee Sem, the chairman of the state health, human resource and unity committee, said that a man aged 34 was admitted on Saturday (8th June) to Hospital Alor Gajah.

“There was a case… that was reported at Hospital Alor Gajah but (the cause has not been confirmed yet. Fisheries Department is still investigating the matter.

In a Tuesday (June 11, 2016) statement, he stated that the patient had been warded to be examined. He has recovered and is expected to return home shortly.

Wan Muhammad Aznan Abdullah, Fisheries’ deputy director-general for management (management), said that water and mussel samples analyses revealed that Port Dickson waters are still contaminated by harmful biotoxins.

He added that the latest tests showed toxin levels approaching 800 parts per billion (ppb), which is the standard threshold.

He said that the ban on mussel and clam farmers selling bivalves in Port Dickson is still in place for the safety of the public.

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