Methanol poisoning kills eight in Morocco

RABAT (Xinhua), June 5 – According to the official news agency MAP, eight people died and 114 were hospitalized in Morocco after drinking homemade alcohol adulterated by methanol.

According to the report, the incident took place in the town of Sidi Allal El Tazi, in the Kenitra Province, according to the Regional Directorate of Health and Social Protection, Rabat-Sale-Kenitra.

Between Monday and Wednesday, 114 people from the town of just under 3,100 residents suffered methanol poisoning. All the deaths occurred between Tuesday and Thursday at a local health facility.

The report states that all necessary resources are being mobilized for the health facilities in the region to handle new cases. Local authorities are also working closely together to identify cases which may have reached the local hospitals and health centers.

The regional directorate encouraged “citizens of the province Kenitra” to report similar cases, and to refer them to the nearest healthcare facility to receive proper care and to avoid serious health complications.

Methanol, a form of toxic alcohol used in industry, is a poisonous substance. It can cause blindness, death, or coma if consumed.

Methanol is used to dilute more expensive alcohols because it is cheap and has similar properties.

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