Mexico Councilwoman killed in bloodiest ever elections

MEXICO CITY, (Reuters) – A Mexican local councilwoman from a small coastal town in the Pacific state of Guerrero, was shot dead by armed men at her door on Friday, according to local authorities and media, after the most violent election in modern Mexican History.

Local media reported that Esmeralda Garcia, who headed the equality and gender commission of the municipal council in Tixtla was murdered early this afternoon, as she left her home.

In a press release, the state attorney general’s office stated that police were deployed on scene to investigate and identify those responsible.

Garzon was elected as a member of the Institutional Revolutionary Party, the former dominant party that joined forces with opposition groups to create a coalition in opposition to the MORENA party.

Posts on Garzon’s social media account show that she backed MORENA candidates for the 2nd June elections.

Vote without fear! Garzon wrote.

Human rights groups have called the most recent Mexican election season Mexico’s bloodiest, as 39 candidates for various political posts were killed.

Garzon did not run in the election.

Analysts say that Mexico’s powerful drug cartels, combined with corrupt local governments, is a major contributor to the dangers facing candidates.

Claudia Sheinbaum, candidate for MORENA, won the presidency on Sunday by a large margin, making her the first woman president of the country. In her new position, she will have to tackle the difficult task of curbing violence.

Gunmen ambushed the mayor and her bodyguard of a town in western Mexico on Monday. Yolanda Sánchez, mayor of Cotija, in the state Michoacan, since 2021 was shot 19 times by gunmen in the center of the town, according to local press.

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