Mindef receives LOA for second batch of littoral missions ships

ANKARA – The Ministry of Defence has handed over a letter of agreement for the purchase by Turkiye Savunma Teknolojileri Muhendislik the second batch three littoral missions ships (LMS).

On Monday, June 10, Dr Mohd Bakhari Ismail, deputy secretary-general for development at the Ministry of Development, handed over a document to STM General Manager Ozgur Guleryuz.

At STM’s headquarters, Defence Minister Datuk Seri Mohamed Khaled Norin and Turkish Defence Industry Sec. Prof Haluk Gorgun witnessed the handover.

Khaled stated that the project would take approximately three and a quarter years to complete. Malaysia will receive the three ships at the end of the year 2027.

He told a post-handover press conference that he was confident the project would be completed on time, as the company is owned and run by the Turkish Government.

Khaled is on a 5-day official trip to Turkiye, which began Sunday (9 June).

He said that the Defence White Paper outlines a need for 18 LMS to patrol the waters of the Royal Malaysian Navy in the South China Sea and the Straits of Malacca, as well as the Sulu Sea.

Construction and outfitting of the ship is being carried out by 50 Turkish companies in the defence sector.

The ships will be fitted with sensors, advanced weapons and systems of command and control.

This batch of LMS will consist of Ada-class Corvettes. These corvettes are a type patrol and antisubmarine warfare vessel (ASW), equipped with advanced antiaircraft missiles.

The engine is a Renk Codag 31,640kW (42430hp). Its displacement is approximately 2,500 tons.

It can carry 111 crew members. With a top speed of 26 knots, and a cruise distance of 4,050km at 14 knots.

Each vessel has a maximum endurance of 14 days (the time it can be operated without being refilled) and a hangar and helipad for ASW helicopters, medium-sized carriers and unmanned aerial vehicles.

Earlier, Khaled signed a memorandum of understanding involving the two countries on government-to-government procurement of defence products.

This type of MoU was never signed by Malaysia before with any other country, but it was with Turkiye as it reflected the close relationship that exists between the two countries. A relationship built on respect, trust and the mutual desire to help one another.

He said: “I think this MoU is beneficial to both countries. Especially Malaysia because Turkiye has a sophisticated military with good defence technologies and is one the most advanced countries manufacturing military assets in West Asia.”

Khaled stated that as a sign of their commitment to this MoU, both countries agreed to establish a special committee in the next six month to plan strategic initiatives and to monitor its progress.

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