MMEA foils attempt to smuggle petrol, rice and sugar out of Sabah

KOTA KINABALU – The Malaysian Maritime Enforcement Agency, or MMEA, foiled a suspected attempt on Monday (3rd June) to smuggle petrol, rice and sugar out of Sabah.

The police also arrested a man from the area who did not have a valid document or licence allowing him transport cargo.

MMEA Tawau Zone Director Maritime Capt Shahrizan Raman stated that they intercepted a boat at 3.40pm during the Ops Pluto Timur & Ops Tiris operations, 0.6 nautical mile (1.11km), south of Tawau.

The 32-year old skipper was unable to produce valid documentation for the goods on board his boat, including 500kg of each local and Siamese-style rice, 48kgs of packaged sugar and 120 litres petrol.

He said that the total value of the confiscation, including the goods, and the boat, was estimated to be around RM55,000.

Capt Sharizan said that the case was being investigated in accordance with the Customs Act 1967 and the Control of Supplies Act 1960 and the Control of Padi and Rice Act 1995.

He also encouraged those who have information about crimes committed in Tawau water to contact the Zone Operations Centre at 089-752116, or the MERS Line at 999.

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