MMEA seizes vessel in Pahang for illegal tin ore transport

MERSING – The Malaysian Maritime Enforcement Agency has detained a vessel from Indonesia for transporting illegally dutiable products.

MMEA Mersing Zone Commander Suhaizan Saadin reported that the vessel was intercepted at the Endau Fishermen Jetty, near here. The vessel is believed to have been carrying tin.

He said that the vessel was from Tanjung Pinang in Riau Islands and it was caught acting suspiciously on Thursday, May 6, at 5pm, during Ops Jaksa & Ops Tiris.

Suhaizan stated in a Friday (7 June) statement that “we discovered approximately 20,040kg tin ore aboard the vessel bound for Tanjung Gemok in Rompin, Pahang.”

According to him, the 20,040kg tin ore is worth approximately RM2.6mil based upon commodity prices in 2020.

Suhaizan said that the captain did not notify the authorities or submit any documents to the authorities for the transport of dutiable items.

The captain and five crew members, aged between 22 and 46 years, were all detained by the MMEA Mersing Zone Headquarters to help with the investigation.

The investigation is under the Custom Act 1967, Merchant Shipping Ordinance 52 and Immigration Act 1959/63.

Suhaizan urged anyone with information about maritime-related criminal activity or accidents in Johor waters, to call the Malaysian Emergency Response Services at 999. Or the Johor Maritime Operation Centre on 07-2199404.

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