Mosar team rescues injured mountain climber on Mount Kinabalu

KOTA KINABALU – On Tuesday afternoon (4th June), firefighters had to “piggyback” a female mountaineer who sprained left ankle from the fifth shelter at 2,691m, Villosa. This is a kilometer down the mountain.

Chief of the Ranau Fire and Rescue Services Department Ridwan Mohd Taif said that a team consisting of two firefighters from the district station and seven members from Mountain Search and Rescue, (Mosar), were dispatched after a mountain guide made a distress call at 1:30pm.

The Mosar team is made up of mountain guides working for the Department as volunteers.

The team found the 33-year old local woman, who was accompanied by a guide, at the Villosa Shelter at 3pm.

He said, “She had accidentally slipped down and sprained an ankle while scaling the area which is an open, rocky stretch.”

Ridwan said that the victim, who was taken from the fourth shelter Pondok Lowii to the Timpohon Gate (the main starting point), before climbing Mount Kinabalu on a Robinson stretcher, was then carried up the mountain using the Robinson stretcher.

He said that “the victim was transported to Ranau Hospital for additional treatment,” adding that the operation had been called off at 6:52pm.

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