M’sian Embassy screens “Kita” in Helsinki

KUALA LUMPUR – The Malaysian embassy at Helsinki recently organized a film showing in collaboration with the kitadocumentary team as part of their ongoing cultural diplomacy efforts.

The charge d’affairs Mohamed Ariff Mohamed Ali said to Bernama the initiative is meant to promote Malaysia and its rich culture heritage in a global context.

Kitais an inspiring documentary that showcases the rich cultural tapestry in Sabah. The film, which features breathtaking visuals and compelling storytelling, celebrates the harmonious coexistence between diverse ethnic groups in Sabah.

This initiative is intended to convey the message of diversity as a strength, both for the Finnish and international audiences. This principle is relevant now more than ever in a globalised world with escalating tensions on the geopolitical front.

The airing of Kitais timely, as it celebrates a significant milestone in Malaysian-Finnish relations. He said he hoped the initiative would continue to promote unity, despite differences, and strengthen ties between future generations.

Mohamed Ariff expressed these sentiments in a WhatsApp chat to explain the event. The event also celebrated the 50 years of bilateral relations between two countries.

He said that Kitawas screened for the local Malaysian Diaspora in 2023, making Finland its first international debut.

The screening was the result of a collaboration between the Sabah Tourism Board, the Sabah embassy, Melody Lee as project coordinator, Lim Hock Song as Kita producer, and a group of local volunteers.

Over 120 people registered, including diplomats, officials from Finland, travellers, researchers, students and Malaysians who live in Finland.

The messages of the film – “Diversity is strength,” “Diversity is beautiful,” and “Diversity is delicious” – were captured by the diverse experiences of people living in Sabah.

The list included a Chinese-Indian multiracial family, a Chinese Muslim leader, a Malay music teacher who taught Mandarin, local chefs and a group of artists known as Pangrok Sulap.

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