Nadma: Only Malut Dam in Kedah shows danger level drop in raw-water storage

PUTRAJAYA – The National Disaster Management Agency (Nadma) reports that only the Malut Dam, in Kedah, still shows a drop of raw water storage at a dangerous level (28.5%), following the dry period.

Nadma, quoting the National Water Services Commission in a press release, said that on Monday (3 June), the raw water storage in four other dams were at alert levels: the Muda Dam (Kedah) (32.17%), Timah Tasoh Dam (Perlis) (47.43%); Sembrong barat Dam (Johor) (47.64%); and Teluk Bahang Dam (Penang).

On May 30, the Irrigation and Drainage Department in Kedah forecasted drought for the Muda Basin.

Nadma reported that no district recorded a level 1 heatwave from Saturday (1 June) to Monday. This means the daily maximum temperatures were between 35degC-37degC on three consecutive days.

Mukah, in Sarawak, recorded a heatwave of Level 1 on Saturday.

“No areas in Malaysia recorded a heatwave until Monday.” Nadma said that between Tuesday and Monday next week (June 4-10), the same weather pattern is expected, and the highest alert level will be Level 1.

It also said that from May 29 to Tuesday, Alor Setar, Kedah, had an air pollution index of 104, and Kuala Dungun in Terengganu, with a reading 180.

Nadma, which monitors heat-related illnesses, said that as of Monday the number had risen to 93 from 88 cases on May 27. There were 21 cases of Heatstroke, 67 of Heat Exhaustion and 5 of Heat Cramps.

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