Nasa accidentally broadcasts simulations of astronauts in distress on the space station

SINGAPORE Nasa accidentally broadcast a simulacrum of astronauts being treated on the International Space Station for decompression illness on June 12. This led to speculations of an emergency on social media.

Nasa’s official ISS X Twitter account reported that around 5.28pm US Central Time (228 GMT), the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (Nasa), broadcast audio that indicated a member of a crew was suffering from decompression illness (DCS).

According to audio copies posted on social networks, a female voice tells crew to “get the commander back into his suit”, to check his pulse, and to give him oxygen. She then says that his prognosis is “tenuous”. Nasa has not verified the recordings, nor have they republished the audio.

Several space enthusiasts shared a link on X to an audio warning that there was a major emergency on the ISS.

The ISS account posted that “this audio was accidentally misrouted from a simulation in which crew members and ground team train for various space scenarios and is not related with a real crisis.”

The statement added that “there is no emergency situation aboard the International Space Station.”

DCS is a potentially fatal condition caused by gas bubbles such as nitrogen in the bloodstream. The bends is the common name for it.

The ISS posted said that crew members were sleeping on the ISS at the time the audio was broadcast. They were preparing for a spacewalk on Thursday at 8 a.m.

Nasa’s ISS channel on YouTube – when the audio was accidentally broadcast – now displays an error message stating that the feed has been interrupt.

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