National Day and Malaysia Day celebrations will feature Jiwa Merdeka as the theme.

Fahmi Fadzil says that the theme of the 2024 National Day and Malaysia Day Celebrations – “Malaysia Madani : Jiwa Merdeka”, symbolises Malaysians coming from different cultures and ethnicities.

The Minister of Communications explained that “Malaysia Madani” is the foundation for the prosperity and progress of the country, supported by six core values.

“Jiwa Merdeka reflects the freedom of the people from negative elements when interpreting the spirit of patriotism from intellectual, economic, and social aspects while building a strong, harmonious, and progressive public unity.”

He said that the Cabinet had agreed to keep the logo of the celebration, which depicts the words “Malaysia Madani”.

The theme and logo for the 2024 National Day and Malaysia Day celebrations were launched at his ministry.

Fahmi also serves as the chairman of the Celebration Committee.

The committee has planned a number of events to promote the celebrations across the country.

The launch of National Month and Kibar Jalur Gemilang will take place on 13 July.

The ceremony will serve as the beginning of the countdown to the big celebration that will take place in Putrajaya, on August 31.

He said that “the momentum will continue until the Malaysia Day celebrations on September 16 in Sabah.”

He added that a vehicle convoy called Kembara Merdeka Jalur Gemilang will travel across the country with special activities in order to promote patriotism throughout National Month.

Other programmes that are part of the National Month can be found at

Fahmi also encouraged all Malaysians, to take part in “Inisiatif 1 Rumah 1 Jalur Gemilang”, which involves each household putting up the national flag.

He added, “Decorate the houses with the flag which represents our identity in the world.”

Dataran Putrajaya hosted the National Day celebration 2023 last year.

Last year, the National Day celebration was themed “Malaysia Madani – Tekad Perpaduan penuhi Harapan” and involved 17,262 participants. There were also 36 brass bands and 534 land, air and ground assets.

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