New York City has launched an online tool to help you find public toilets.

NEWYORK : Ready to go in The Big Apple? There’s some relief on the way.

New York City will not only have more public toilets but also make them easier to find using your smartphone.

On June 3, Mayor Eric Adams unveiled a plan for the construction of 46 new toilets in the city parks and the renovation of 36 others. This will add to the roughly 1,000 restrooms that the city already has over the next five-year period.

The Democrat reported that the city also created a new Google Maps overlay so people could easily locate the locations of all public restrooms operated by government institutions and civic institutions including libraries and transit hubs.

Adams stated in a press release launching his initiative, “Ur in luck”, that tackling small things is part of the process to make New York City more livable.

In a city with more than 50% of residents without cars, and where hordes and hordes tourists travel by subway and foot to see the sights, there are a lot of problems. Officials noted that it can be particularly difficult for people with disabilities, pregnant women and seniors, as well as parents of young children.

Teddy Siegel, a New Yorker, created an online map and social media account dedicated to the public restrooms in New York City “after almost having a serious accident in Times Square in 2021”. She welcomed Monday’s additions.

“Over the last three years, my community has taught me that New York City lacks public restrooms. This is not just a health and quality of life issue, it’s also an equity crisis,” Siegel said. His own crowdsourced map got2gonyc lists over 2,000 locations to find a facility.

The mayor announced that 28 new restrooms or those renovated will be located in Manhattan.

Adams stated that the existing restrooms will be renovated with improvements such as additional stalls, accessibility upgrades and energy-efficient features.

He said that the Google Maps layer would be updated every two years and include the restrooms run by the city park department, the local transit agency and the city library system. Open Data will have data on the public restrooms in the city.

Adams’ administration announced last month that baby changing tables had been installed in all city park bathrooms where possible.

Alliance for Public Space Leadership (a local advocacy group) said that public bathrooms were essential for a well-managed, welcoming public realm. They allow New Yorkers use public spaces more often and longer.

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