Nga says that Malaysia will boost green communities through a new public housing initiative.

Housing and Local Government Ministry will continue to focus on housing, urban planning and health in order to create eco-friendly and green communities.

Minister Nga Kor Ming stated that 77% of Malaysians now own their homes, improving the standard of living for many families.

In his final keynote address at the World Cities Summit in Singapore, he stated: “The ministry will continue to promote the construction more high-quality homes in order to enhance the living standards of Malaysians.”

Nga said that the ministry planned to launch a “Program Residensi Rakyat (PRR)”.

This programme aims at providing affordable and well-designed housing for the public.

The government will provide subsidised housing for buyers who want to buy high-quality homes at subsidised rates.

Malaysia is working with Singapore’s Housing and Development Board on the PRR Programme. Malaysia is always open to learning from best practices,” he stated.

Nga added that Malaysia would also enhance public and community involvement in urban planning and project development through the Fifth National Physical Plan and Third National Urbanisation Policy.

He added that the government was upgrading basic facilities across Malaysia, including roads, public toilets and the Madani Recreational Park. This is to ensure that Malaysians have a good quality of life and mental health.

Nga said that future cities must meet certain conditions, including livability and sustainability, as well as affordability, accessibility, and cultural diversity.

He said that since 1957, Malaysia has made great progress in its urbanisation, with 78% now living in cities.

The spread of urbanisation is accelerating economic development. During the same period, urban planning and policy implementation have increased our per capita income from US$238 to US$12,000 in last year.

He said that the country predicted that 85% of its population would live in cities by the year 2040.

Nga noted that Malaysia has several cities which are rich in culture and economics. He cited Penang, Kuala Lumpur, and Kuching, as examples.

Nga has called for a stronger cooperation between member countries and Malaysia to tackle global challenges such as climate changes.

The World Cities Summit this year attracted approximately 3,500 participants from 96 different countries.

Nga met earlier with Singapore Minister Grace Fu in order to strengthen bilateral relations.

Nga, Singapore’s Minister of Sustainability and Environment, and Fu, Malaysia’s Minister, discussed the enhancement of Malaysia-Singapore collaboration.

During their meeting, the participants explored possible areas of cooperation, including housing development, urban planning and solid waste management.

Nga stated that Malaysia looks forward to working more closely with Singapore, particularly in the Johor Economic Region to promote sustainable development.

Desmond Lee, Singapore’s Minister of National Development, invited him to try bak kut tea at a local outlet in the island state.

Nga stated that besides discussing the different bak-kut-tehs cooked in both countries, the two also discussed four main areas: public housing (housing for the poor), sustainable development (urban planning), and urban renewal.

Desmond Lee was also invited to join me at the Asean China Construction Ministers’ Roundtable which will take place in Kuala Lumpur, on July 3.

I invited him to come to Malaysia and enjoy the world-famous Klang Bak Kut Teh.

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