Nga warns of imminent crackdown on illegal PPR rental units in the country

IPOH: Nga Kor Ming, IPOH’s director of communications, has announced that a large-scale national operation will be conducted soon to identify people who illegally rent their units in the People’s Housing Projects (PPR).

The Minister of Housing and Local Government said that the ministry found many PPR tenants who had breached their contract by renting out their property to illegal immigrants and foreigners.

He warned that the operation would be large.

“PPR, a heavily subventioned social housing project costs about RM300,000.00 per unit. The initial purchasers paid only RM45,000 while the government covered all the costs.

He said that these owners, who claim to be in need of housing but rent out their properties for profit, applied for PPR on the basis of lack. The press conference was held after the resurfacing of a main road measuring 6km in Bandar Seri Botani.

The road, which has been constructed and maintained at a cost RM1.8mil by Pinji Botanics Sdn Bhd since 2004, will now fall under the jurisdiction of the Ipoh City Council.

Nga said that the Ministry will take firm actions against those who break the agreement. He added that this operation is vital for solving the current shortage of PPR Housing.

The locations of the operation are already known.

Nga said that RM100mil had been allocated by the Ministry for the upgrade and installation of new lifts in low-cost apartments. However, he urged residents not to vandalise these facilities.

I hope people will refrain from littering or vandalising the lifts. He said that we should not install CCTVs in lifts like the Singapore government did back in the 1970s.

He also urged residents to pay maintenance fees on time, pointing out that delays in repairs are caused by non-payment. Terengganu residents owe RM1.8mil and lifts have been left in disrepair.

Nga emphasized the difficulties faced by those who live in high-rises that lack lifts. She also highlighted the affordability of fees. Units in Ipoh can be rented for as little as RM124 a month.

He added, “Facilities are a part of responsibilities. I encourage everyone to pay their fees on time.”

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