Nigerian President calls for greater strategic investment in Africa

ABUJA, 6 June (Xinhua) – Nigerian president Bola Tinubu called on international development financiers Thursday to view the African continent as a place of growth and prosperity. He urged for more strategic investment in agriculture, infrastructure and research and development.

Tinubu, who was speaking at a meeting in Abuja with a delegation from the International Finance Corporation, a member of World Bank Group led by its managing Director Makhtar Diap, emphasized the potential of Africa for growth, stability and prosperity. He noted that “the world must see us as a region that can assist the rest of world and not as one that is backward, unreliable, or with leadership issues.”

“The world’s expectations about Africa must change. We can promote growth and inclusiveness by viewing Africa as an opportunity, and not a threat to the rest free world.

Tinubu said that Africa was ready to challenge the status quo and to work hard to prove this, ready to do serious business regardless of perception.

“I am proud to be an African, and I will continue to work with the rest to promote Africa as a place of growth and prosperity,” said Diop to the IFC delegation.

Tinubu said that Nigeria has the second largest IFC portfolio in Africa, with an active investment of 2.1 billion U.S. Dollars as of April.

Diop stated that during his visit to Nigeria, the IFC engaged in productive conversations with Nigerian partners on enhancing agriculture, increasing food production through irrigation farming and upgrading transport networks. He confirmed the IFC’s commitment to grow agribusinesses in Nigeria. The international development financier has also helped small and medium businesses in the agricultural sector.

Diop also added that the corporation will partner with the Nigerian Government on new investments in irrigation infrastructure, road infrastructure and more.

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