Nik Nazmi: Building Surveyors Act is being formulated

KUALA LUMPUR – The Natural Resources and Environmental Sustainability minister Nik Nazmi Nik Ahmad said that the government is currently formulating a law to regulate and govern the profession and practice building surveyors and promote good governance in construction.

Nik Nazmi stated that the proposed Building Surveyors Act was still at the stage of discussion with industry participants.

He said that the law is still being discussed, especially in terms of its concept, scope and so on, because there are building surveyors, but no specific law governs them.

Around 200 participants from the construction industry attended.

Nik Nazmi elaborated, saying that given the current situation and needs, it was high time the country had such an Act.

He said: “If we take a look at other developed countries, many already have clear regulations for building surveyors. We are moving in the right direction. And to ensure that we have the best possible governance, we must have this Act.”

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