Nik Nazmi: Government will establish National Decarbonisation Committee

KUALA LUMPUR – The Government will speed up the adoption and establishment of decarbonisation projects with the creation of a National Decarbonisation Committee.

The committee will include state governments and other relevant stakeholders in order to ensure an orderly and balanced transition to low carbon development.

Nik Nazmi Nik Ahmad, Minister of Natural Resources and Environmental Sustainability ( pic), said that he would chair the committee to monitor the implementation plan in order to achieve this goal.

“It’ll be supported by new inclusive and comprehensive policies that take into consideration the country’s obligations under the Paris Agreement.”

In a statement issued on Saturday (15 June), he stated that the Climate Change Policy 2009 had been updated and revised to reflect Malaysia’s commitment in the Paris Agreement 2015.

The announcement was made following the fifth meeting of MTPIN, the National Climate Change Action Council, which was chaired on Friday by Datuk Seri Ibrahim.

Nik Nazmi stated that the council has approved the National Climate Change Policy 2.0 to this end.

This policy will complement existing initiatives such as the National Climate Change Bill and the National Adaptation Plan.

He said that the government was tackling climate change in a comprehensive way by reducing greenhouse gases (GHGs), strengthening the country’s resistance to the effects of the climate change and promoting the transition towards a more sustainable development with low carbon emissions.

Nik Nazmi stated that during the meeting, they discussed setting an annual target to achieve net zero greenhouse gases emissions in the nation by 2050.

“To achieve this goal, the meeting agreed to accelerate implementation of the New Industrial Master Plan 2030 and the National Energy Transition Roadmap as well as new policy such as the National Climate Change Bill.

He said that “this heightened approach” would be the catalyst to help Malaysia achieve green economic growth and create green jobs for its people.

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